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Sunset Dinner Cruise

From USD 15

5:00pm departure, 2 hour cruise. Buffet dinner on the Mekong River with views of both sunset and the Phnom Penh skyline afterdark. Live Traditional Khmer music. Full bar, cocktails, coffee and a la carte menu is also available on board. $24 with buffet, $15 cruise only. Kids under 12 half-price

From USD 15

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Your journey will begin with free pickup inside Phnom Penh. Upon boarding you will receive a free Sunset Cocktail, a Cambo Cruise original. Departing at aproximately 5:00pm, you'll be cruising along the Phnom Penh riverfront while enjoying the subtle sounds of live traditional Khmer music on the upper-deck. You can also view the scenery from the main deck for a more cozy experience near the bar. After passing the Royal Palace we will journey to the junction of the Tonle Sap, Mekong, and Bassac rivers. Up the Mekong River you will see floating villages and fishing families living on their house boats. Along the shores of Silk Island is where you will see the sunset over Phnom Penh in the distance. The sunset is the highlight of the journey. 

Dinner is served after sunset. An all-you-can-eat buffet made from fresh, local, organic food that is stored, prepped, and cooked fresh daily on our boat in our stainless steel kitchens, never prepared on land hours before, and definitely not on a rusty charcoal grill. No food is frozen, nor shipped in from other countries. No fish from the river is served, ever. All original sauces are made onboard. Salad, spring rolls, organic brown rice, curry, fruit, fresh bread, sandwiches, and a variety BBQ with Texas style BBQ and Asian teriyaki sauce is served. There are low-carb, vegetarian, vegan, and halal options available. If you choose the "cruise only" option, our buffet and an a la carte menu is available for purchase.

The bar has spirits from around the world. Most any traditional cocktails can be made, but be sure and try one of many original signature cocktails, satisfaction guaranteed. Local and imported beers, as well as red and white wines by the glass or carafe. Fresh, locally grown coffee beans are ground just before brewing to ensure fantastic espresso, and coffee.

After dinner, we cruise down the Mekong River before turning up the Tonle Sap to take in the Phnom Penh riverfront skyline after dark. This perspective is stunning, only to be seen like this by boat. After passing under the Japanese Friendship Bridge we return to port. The bar will stay open, and you are free to stay and enjoy the river views. 
The Cambo Cruise boat is a newly constructed vessel designed solely with lunch/dinner cruising in mind. With 365 degree views from the top, it has 140 seats with a rustic, wooden, Cambodian design with modern touches. It is equipped three toilets, men’s, women's, and staff's, running water from fresh water tanks, and a water filtration system for clean, purified drinking water. Hygiene, safety, and guest satisfaction are our priorities. A large commercial kitchen with floor to ceiling stainless steel walls and appliances, and rubber flooring is designed to prepare food for up to 120 guests in short order. The boat is licensed, inspected, and has staff that are well trained in safety and first-aid procedures, with flotation devices, safety equipment, and fire extinguishers onboard. No other boat in Phnom Penh can offer you all of these things.

  • $24 with buffet, $15 cruise only. Kids under 12 half-price
  • 4:45pm boarding, 5:00pm departure, 2 hour cruise (times are approximate) 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't love it, it's free.
  • Free pickup inside central Phnom Penh.
  • Free Welcome drink, 'Sunset Cocktail'.
  • Full bar, cocktails, food menu, coffee/espresso available for purchase. 
  • All-you-can-eat buffet dinner made with fresh and organic food, prepared onboard in our kitchen with stainless steel surfaces by trained chefs.    
  • Vegetarian, Vegan and Halal menu available.                    
  • Full-service boat with 12+ crew members onboard every cruise, trained in first-aid and safety procedures.
  • Modern men’s, women’s, and staff toilets with running, filtered water.